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In the silence of time, where the gears turn creation. Chaos gives way to the balance of time with destruction. Led by colossal specters of darkness, who await neither penance nor mercy. They carry out their greatest atrocities, to destroy at will, in that supposed balance.

His Hordes of Chaos, are chosen in hives where their generals, emissaries and soldiers germinate at will. Complete systems for creation and indoctrination, with billions of deaths for their training. The emissaries are grouped together and taken to their duties.

Morgul, Phobos, Marvek, Mvrmvx and Banshee are the ones named "AfterDoom". Emissaries with whom the most heinous Chronicles of Chaos are written.

Meet each Emissary

06 - AFTERDOOM_2022_JPG1.5Mpx©Alfredo M. Geisse 2022


Emissary bearer of the Pillars of Chaos and Enoch of a great lineage of carriers.

Fearful for his great patience in enjoying destruction, bloody remover of entrails and souls, while prophesying Chaos and the balance of the Golden Ratio.

Leader of a saga of emissaries of Chaos whom he prophesies and leads through the paths of destruction

Leave your being as soon as you have an omen of his presence.


Deep in the woods and caves where he is usually found, he receives his informants every fall of dusk.

When bad news gets out of control, it doesn't take long to show up to go where it is required and fight for instincts and natural rationality.

Marvek, the Herald of the Wild Instinct, with a sound more serious than the thunder itself and that reaches where others are not capable, will not remain impassive in the face of acts against nature and its evolution.

When you hear it, it will be too late, the die is cast...

09 - AFTERDOOM_2022_JPG1.5Mpx©Alfredo M. Geisse 2022


Lover of wisdom and logical reasoning, Mvrmvx, Duke and Earl of Hell, Master of Philosophy, whispers knowledge and enlightens anyone who is willing to see the world outside of himself.

But only a few have the courage to live after witnessing one of their responses, many prefer to continue living under the influence of their cognitive dissonances. Souls that will never die, because they will never have been born.

If you are looking for its orientation, you will be able to find it before dawn, towards the Levantine horizon, the first light of dawn ...



The world has decided for everyone. Fear runs through the streets, waits around the corner, and resides within all living things. It has become the thunder of our existence.

This feeling has materialized in a being who sows terror wherever he goes. Be that as it may, fear has conquered the world in which you are doomed...

Phobos Vulcano is the Herald of Fear, and he will not cease until he has consumed this world to be swallowed up by his master.

If you listen to his guitar, shudder, because he is close...

If you see him, tremble... Because his mask will be the last thing you see...


07 - AFTERDOOM_2022_JPG1.5Mpx©Alfredo M. Geisse 2022


Banshee is able to take on the form of a woman with blood-red eyes from all the crying they have shed during her existence. It is able to show itself with different forms of animals that are related to witchcraft

The banshee's howl is described as terrifying, because it is such a piercing sound that it can even break glass.

Banshee appears alone at night and only makes himself heard. However, when it is seen, it appears as a washerwoman scrubbing clothes stained with blood, like an eerie shadow that remains in the distance.

Over time, Banshee has gathered the strength to be an emissary of death in this world of chaos and violence. Banshee crying just means death is coming.