Excited to announce our next gig in Barcelona!

Next 24th February we will be performing at the Sala Estraperlo in Badalona accompanied by our friends The Broken Horizon and It Came from the Void.

You'll be damned if you're not part of the evening!

Tickets are already available at


Hector Lavid who plays in the band AFTERDOOM joined our Czarcie Kopyto Family – welcome brother!

Please check this out !!!

Hi, I’m Hector Lavid, I’m a drummer of the band AFTERDOOM and I will give you a brief review of the pedals of Czarcie Kopyto.
I choose these pedals just because I was looking for something more versatile, durable and to help me to be speeder.
Many years ago I found out about these great pedals as it says in Spanish “Pezuñas del diablo”, it turns out that now that I live in Europe I have obtained them and I am very happy, by its mechanism, its speed, its configuration.
These pedals have a reinforced bag, come with keys and accessories and are very comfortable and easy to adjust, it helps me a lot for both beats, blasts beat all in matters of speed and I’m really very cheerful.
These pedals are very effective working tool and I recommend them because of their effectiveness and hardness to be able to play metal and extreme metal, and I do recommend you these pedals Czarcie Kopyto on 100%.

Final Tour 2023

The end of FROM DEATH TO CHAOS TOUR 2023 is coming!!

And AfterDoom will give you two exceptional concerts!

Write down the Dates November 24 and 25, 2023 because you cannot miss such an event!

24th of November
Sala Utopía

25th of November
Sala Venom

New Single and Videoclip - Pull Your Strings

AfterDoom's New Single has arrived, revealing where his new work is going with an incredible result!

Listen to the song and enjoy the video clip in the video on the left

AfterDoom Live - Sabadell

AFTERDOOM returns to Sabadell (Barcelona)!

Chaos comes back to the land where AfterDoom emerged!

Do not miss the opportunity to see the impressive show of the emissaries in the Vade Música room in Sabadell

Also joining the path of Chaos RAXAR and BRUTALFLY!

You do not miss the hype!

We will wait for you!


The new dates of the 2023 Tour are here!

¡From Death to Chaos!

Go reviewing the agenda because there is no rest for the Children of Chaos.

Join the ChaosAdictted and don't miss their Live Shows!

Follow them on social networks to stay up to date and not miss a single step of Chaos.


AfterDoom Live Show in Logroño

AFTERDOOM leaves no corner unsubdued!

Our emissaries continue to fascinate the children of chaos and the Chaos Addicts, who are more and more! This time, in Logroño! Buy your tickets and those of your peers in the button below!

In addition, allies continue to join on their way. On this occasion, the great Stigma!

You do not miss the hype!

We will wait for you!


AFTERDOOM joins the cast of Rising Rock Management!

Here you have the video presentation of AfterDoom with a special greeting. Click on the image on the left.

With the help of Rising Rock, the path of the Emissaries is closer to being conquered.

Remember that for contracts in 2023 contact [email protected]

Thanks to all of you ChaosAddicted!

AfterDoom Jumps Into the BattleField



It's official! Afterdoom enters to participate in the Wacken Open Air Metal Battle in Spain!

Don't miss any movement from now on and give all the support you can to this great band.

Great opportunity for our Chaos emissaries to further spread their music, message and destruction!

It is still early stages and there are many contenders, but our emissaries are strong and have proven themselves worthy of the battlefield.


¡Hail AfterDoom!

Live Show In Murcia of AFTERDOOM

AFTERDOOM spreads CHAOS this new year!

With the arrival of the new year of the new era, on February 18 in Murcia, the Emissaries of Chaos will spread chaos among the souls of their Stygians to propagate the message and prepare the world so that they abide by being engulfed by the fear and darkness!

In addition, allies continue to join on their way. On this occasion, the great Velkhanos and DELIRIUM!

You do not miss the hype!

We will wait for you!

Videoclip Genesis

Today the new video clip of our emissaries has been released where they do not leave a puppet with a head.

Do not miss the opportunity to see this great work with a devastating song.

Sow the seeds of Chaos!

Postponed - End of Tour Live Show 2022

Due to no fault of their own, the concert scheduled for December 10 at the Hora Rock Hall in Fuenlabrada is CANCELED.

Hopefully we can see the public from Madrid and surroundings soon on another occasion.

But it is not the end of the road. AfterDoom continues to work on new material and will continue to stomp and grow together with all of you.

All together! Hail AfterDoom!

AfterDoom Live - Sabadell

The advance of AfterDoom is unstoppable!

With the arrival of winter, on November 19 in Sabadell the Emissaries of Chaos will sow their seeds in the souls of their Stygian to spread the message and the darkness of the most feared God!

In addition, supporters continue to join on their way. On this occasion, the great Archetype X and Human Carnage!

You do not miss the hype!

We will wait for you!

Granada - Postponed Stop

The journey of the Emissaries of Chaos does not end!

But on many trips there are always setbacks. For logistical and labor reasons, the concert in Granada must be postponed. 

But don't worry, because in 2023 AfterDoom will return and prove the reason for its positions stronger than ever!

AfterDoom Live - BILBAO

After the summer season, AfterDoom is back stomping and resumes concerts around Spain, this time making a stop in Bilbao, at the Sala Santana 27.

Click on the following link to see all the details of the event.

In addition, they are accompanied by ANKER and Unstructured! A simply BRUTAL night!

You do not miss the hype!

We will wait for you!


The journey of the Emissaries of Chaos does not end!

Following the proliferation of Chaos at the hands of the 5, along with their Permadeath allies in Ciudad Real, many Stygian joined the vast army of souls consumed by AfterDoom.

Now, together with Banished, they will enter Zaragoza on June 25 in the Utopia Pub, where they will devastate the lands and only those who join the ranks of their Stygian will be saved.

What will you decide?

Welcome to the assembly of chaos!

Embrace AfterDoom!

GENESIS - The beginning of EVERYTHING

In the beginning of everything, God created the heavens and the earth ... I think we all know how the story goes ... But the end is not written by God or human beings... Chaos writes it, and is narrated by its Emissaries ... AFTERDOOM.

AfterDoom will reach each and every one of us. And since we're that benevolent, let's take a look at the AFTERDOOM GENESIS TOUR taking place in 2022.

If you have the opportunity to come to his call, do not hesitate. Perhaps that is the only way you can survive the sixth Great Extinction.

NEW DATES ARE ADDED! Stay Tuned in order to not miss news of their arrivals

We will wait for you!


The Lyric Video of the song ASSEMBLY OF CHAOS that baptizes the first album of the Emissaries of Chaos arrives on platforms and mortals.

Don't miss out and bow down to the real AfterDoom!

The Album Has Been Unleashed

Maldito Records, along with all its waste of media, has materialized on physical CD and has made AfterDoom's album Assembly Of Chaos available to mortals.

You can listen to it on Spotify and on YouTube in the links that we leave here next to you!

Don't wait another second and enjoy the real Metal!



New Single and Sign with Maldito Records

AFTERDOOM releases new Single and Music Video that you can see right here!

This serves as a preview of the Assembly of Chaos Album that is about to be released at the end of March 2022 by… DAMN RECORDS! Yes! AfterDoom has signed with Maldito Records so that their music reaches as many ears as possible and no one is left indifferent to the message of the Heralds of Chaos.

Here we leave you the link to the publication of the Record Company where you can Pre-Order the Album: